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Title card from the trailer for Heart of Elynthi.

Heart of Elynthi is the third livestreamed campaign set in the Lustrous Expanse. It is separate from the two prior Lustrous Expanse campaigns, and takes place 37 years after Belkinus Necro Hunt in Year 253. The Dungeon Master is Joseph "JoCat" Catalanello.

The campaign has had thirty one sessions so far. Original streams are available on JoCat's Twich channel and the JoCat Streams YouTube channel, while edited versions are available on JoCat's main channel.

Player Characters[]


The trailer for Heart of Elynthi was released on JoCat's YouTube channel on November 18, 2022, three days before the first session.


Session 1: Proving Grounds

Session 2: A Day in Sacia

Session 3: Dungeon and Dragon

Session 4: Before We Leave

Session 5: It's Probably Pirates

Session 6: Soft Shores, Hard Lines

Session 7: Bull in the Ring

Session 8: Rematches

Session 9: On The Road

Session 10: Midnight Crystals

Session 11: Road to Pallitrios

Session 12: Distant Relations

Session 13: A Dragon and a Dungeon

Session 14: Forgotten by Time

Session 15: Ghosts of the Past

Session 16: Goodbye Cart, Hello Train

Session 17: Guild Practices

Session 18: The Tales of Tigamura

Session 19: Witchful Thinking

Session 20: Stone and Steel

Session 21: City of Disharmony

Session 22: Big City Blues

Session 23: A Different Approach

Session 24: The Little Dragon That Wouldn't

Session 25: Planning a Coup

Session 26: Rebellion 101

Session 27: First Contact

Session 28: The Root Of Evil

Session 29: Winds of Change

Session 30: Tales from Aguna

Session 31: Snakes and Ladders

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